Welcome to Redhill Foundation

A high-quality education is always a gift to an individual. Academic success is central to this. However when education is truly inspiring and rewarding, it accommodates and nurtures a myriad of additional elements, among them the development of individual talents, be they in the sciences, arts or sport. Further, it provides an environment where students can learn the value of sharing, caring, discipline and responsibility, thereby addressing the need for young people to be taught self-determination, confidence, personal pride and consideration for others. In so doing, a school becomes the facilitator of a progressive, inclusive and forward-thinking value system. Redhill School is such a school, and it has been for over a century.

The Redhill Foundation was established in November 2013, with one fundamental objective: to create capacity to support Redhill School’s bursary programme in order to afford young people a pathway to high-quality education and the prospect of a bright future within the ever-expanding global village. In formulating this objective, the Foundation has aligned itself with both the motto of Redhill School – Free to Build – and its mission statement – “To be a world-class learning community building leaders for their time”. It is with the above in mind that the Redhill Foundation aims to offer a high-quality education to talented young people who would otherwise have to forego such an opportunity. Every child deserves, at the very least, an empowering and inspiring education. Although we are not able to assist every deserving child, what is important to us is that we do what we can do for those deserving young people we are able to assist.

We look to you for support in maintaining and growing this initiative.

"At the Redhill Foundation we realise that children deserve the best possible start. Every child has the potential to make a difference.      We aim to make this possible for them."

Board of Trustees

  • number-3 Nooraya Khan